Lucky 13

Friends of Old Ghosts and just a great company, Lucky 13's got what you need. Check out their original designs for men and women.

King Velveedas/Cheesy Graphics

Definitely worth the trip, King Velveedas site keeps you amused with a new and entertaining photo each day, plus other juicy links to keep you surfing for hours. Let em know Old Ghosts sent ya!

Retail Slut

From Goth to Punk to T-Shirts and beauty supplies, Retail Slut wants you to look your best. Online ordering brings your favorite trend straight to your door. Just don't let your parents check your mail!


Sanitation designs simple functionality for a tough look to stand against the rigor of a hard days work, inspired by our public service workers whose sweat and hard labor prove that action and passion produce positive results. We bring sanitation as a tribute to the tough and the clean. Filth + Waste = Poverty . . . stay clean

Ape Leather

Like leather belts, chokers, dog collars and wristbands with spikes, studs and bondage rings? If so, then Ape Leather is the place for you. With a great selection of items and easy online ordering, they're your one stop shop for fetish fulfillment.


Coming soon from your pals at Old Ghosts and Lucky 13. Stay tooned!

Peter Pan's Home Page

Ever wonder if your "hobby" was getting away from you? Like maybe your "special" interest was going too far? Check out this site to see one mans quest to never grow up. Don't miss Peter's fashion page!

Middle Finger Gear

Welcome to the site for people that didn't give in. If you wouldn't let the punk be beat out of you, welcome home. Because now its time to give something back...the Middle Finger. You can give it on t-shirts and hats and stickers. We especially target the all-time record receiver of finger - the son of a bitch that stares! Being equal opportunity offenders, however, we won't hesitate to give the sign to any goat-raping bastard that tries to keep us down.


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