A Brief History of John A. Grigley and Old Ghosts
The original company started in St. Petersburg Florida, sometime around 1982 (I was still in high school). At that time I was making "stenciled, spray-painted, and dyed" clothing for a store on Christopher Street in New York City. My work place at the time was my front yard (my Mom thoroughly enjoyed this), and then I would ship the one of a kind pieces to New York.

In January of 1984 I moved to Southern California to start skateboarding professionally. This could be called the second phase of Old ghosts; the official name was the Old Ghosts Series. This time I designed skateboards and other related merchandise through a company called Vision Sports.

I retired from pro skating in 1988, took my savings, moved to Los Angeles, and started the third phase called Old ghosts Designs in 1989. The company evolved into t-shirts and jewelry—it was very strange for me at the time but I soon caught on.

Time passed, I made friends, one of which was interested in the company, so I took on a partner. His name is Rikki Rocket ( you might know him from a band called Poison).

Well the company has changed, and stayed the same and I've had a lot of fun along the way. It looks like the fourth phase will inclue new partnerships and new ways of doing business.

You are now looking at the first incarnation of the Old Ghosts website. There is much more work to be done and the site will continue to evolve. Stay tuned and check back often.